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Sweet Punishment from Sexy brunette


Dunya is the name of a sweet girl in Russian but this blonde mistress is only sweet in her punishment! The femdom babe is training a new slave and she deploys her firmest methods to beat him into complete submission. She starts with a flogging of the naked male slave and then makes him lie on his pain ridden back while she stomps him. The sub stays in his place on the floor for more cruel BDSM punishment.

Full gallery of Sweet Punishment from Sexy brunette is HERE!

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Femdom pegging


With a hood over his face, the male slave feels completely helpless. Well, at the hands of this mean mistress, he really is vulnerable to her cruelty. She ruthlessly crushes the guy’s balls with her spiked heels and then orders him to bend over. In the strapon fucking men videos, the Russian dominatrix starts by wiggling her monster strap on into the guy’s asshole. Once he is all warmed up, the vile vixen harnesses the rubber cock and slams into his anus with full force. Get ready for kinky fun once this mean mistress starts hammering.

Russian Mistress Is a real Hell Of Wild Perverted Women Strap On Fucking Men! Click here to watch full femdom pegging gallery!

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