Warm femdom facesitting with pissing


The hot mistress have received a new slave boy for training. His first lesson is learning to shut up and be obedient. When the pathetic male makes the mistake of talking to the superior vixen, she grab his head and give him a warm femdom facesitting.

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Femdom pegging into his virgin asshole


This guy made a big error when he mistook Katija for a bimbo. The sexy woman let him believe she was naïve right into her bedroom. Once the pathetic stud was stripped naked and vulnerable, he realized what a mistake he’d made! All of a sudden, Katija turned into a vile mistress who takes control with her mere presence. Grasping the guy’s cock firmly, she takes out her giant strapon and makes the slave boy suck it. Compared to the rubber beast, the guy’s prick is tiny and pathetic. This women fucking men video gets nasty once Katija grabs the slave’s balls and hammers into his virgin asshole.

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Sweet Punishment from Sexy brunette


Dunya is the name of a sweet girl in Russian but this blonde mistress is only sweet in her punishment! The femdom babe is training a new slave and she deploys her firmest methods to beat him into complete submission. She starts with a flogging of the naked male slave and then makes him lie on his pain ridden back while she stomps him. The sub stays in his place on the floor for more cruel BDSM punishment.

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Real women dominating men


Jelena doesn’t need leather or props to be a Russian mistress. Real women dominating men do it by their sheer willpower and cruel merciless attitudes. This pathetic male has no chance against his brunette femdom mistress. He obediently taking the flogging and is actually grateful just to have the domme’s attention. To make sure he understands the lesson well, Jelena stomps his cock and continues her hard treatment.

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Mistress pees on him


Katarina is teaching her slave discipline with cruel teasing and severe punishment. The blonde Russian mistress taunts him by sticking her ass in his face and smacking him when he starts to get aroused. For lacking such self control, the femdom babe beats him onto the floor. They try the training again, this time with Katarina’s pussy right against his face as she pisses into his mouth.

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Trained Male Slaves Treated by Femdom Mistress


Russian Mistress has been training her male slaves for a few weeks and is pleased with the progress they has made. The pathetic pups already knows just how to kneel down before his mistress and use his tongue to orally service her pussy. The femdom mistress flogs they asses while they licks and sees how much pain the dominated man can take before quivering in agony. So they won’t be able to enjoy her pussy taste for too long, the Russian domme turns the guys into a human ashtray and then foot rest.

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Impressively sexy mistress Turns Male Slave into Ass


Maria is one of the nastiest strap on mistresses in these women fucking men videos. The hot dominatrix also happens to be one of the kinkiest and really enjoys making her slave boys squirm. Today, the Russian vixen is having fun riding on her slave’s back and kicking him with her boots to go faster. Since he is too pathetic to be considered a horse, the slave must be an ass. For that, the strapon mistress punishes his anus with her big rubber cock. Watch how the mean babe crushes his balls before slamming his asshole.

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Femdom pegging


With a hood over his face, the male slave feels completely helpless. Well, at the hands of this mean mistress, he really is vulnerable to her cruelty. She ruthlessly crushes the guy’s balls with her spiked heels and then orders him to bend over. In the strapon fucking men videos, the Russian dominatrix starts by wiggling her monster strap on into the guy’s asshole. Once he is all warmed up, the vile vixen harnesses the rubber cock and slams into his anus with full force. Get ready for kinky fun once this mean mistress starts hammering.

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Male Slave Under Total Control of Sexy Mistress


Natalia is having so much fun of sweet femdom with her new pup. The brunette vixen watches as the guy quivers on the floor beneath her and gives himself up completely for abuse. These videos of women dominating men get really intense as the merciless mistress puts her boot heel on the guy’s face and then crushes his balls under her feet. The slave puts up with the torture despite the pain, showing that he’s accepted his inferiority. For that, Natalia rewards her boy by letting him clean her feet.

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Personal foot slave


Russian domme Katinka felt like having an evening filled with nothing but sadistic pleasure and pure joy. She commanded her new found man meat to strip naked and to get on the floor where he was forced in his role as her personal foot slave. He started by licking her killer high heels and sucking the stiletto tip before he went on to the real work. Katinka’s gorgeous feet, complete with a nice French pedicure are a joy to the eye and her obedient footdom slut didn’t mind sucking and licking those greet feet. His foot fetish gives him the strength and willpower to go on for hours and hours. Katinka enjoys it so much he even gets to fuck her brief at the end!

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